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Been cutting back on various commitments, per doctor's orders.

Haven't been sick for a whole 5 days.  :)  Let's hope I get a bit more of a run going, but I'll take 5 days at this point.  (Serial colds alternating with stomach flus almost continually since November.)

Found a dress for my cousin's wedding,

(Please excuse the messy bathroom--I'm reorganizing it--and the dumb hand thing.  I do that when having pictures taken.).

And yes, I do look a little like a celebration of Truffula trees.

The fascinator (hat) is my favorite bit.  We've all been encouraged to wear hats, and my cousin is an Aussie on her mom's side--royal wedding hats a big plus!  Only problem with it is it cost more than the dress!  LOL

I have champagne shoes and a camel trench (for the rooftop drinks reception, in case of cold or wind).

(The wedding is in Louisville in April, and I'm so excited to see my family.)

I had 6 other options before this and trust me when I say it's the best of the lot, and that the whole ensemble cost less than 2 of the other dresses, by a lot in one case.

That said, I need to go on WW again. Or cut out sugar.  Or something.  Because a.) my blood sugar was a bit high and b.) my weight is not where I like it.

Finished one small work project today, and worked about 5 hours on another.  Design takes a lot longer than production on the web for me these days.  Should just get all "back end" jobs.

Sorry for the ramble.  Told you it would be a little bit of everything.


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